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Admissions are taken after proper tests subject to vacancy. Parents are interviewed, for their understanding of the type of education offered in the school and make them aware of the kind of co-operation needed for the development of their children.

Admission to Class XI is planned to be selective. All students desirous of seeking admission to class XI after passing 10th standard must apply in the proforma to be issued by the school and submit the same on prescribed dates. This is applicable in case of students passing 10th standard from HOLY CROSS SCHOOL as well.

Eligibility for admission to class XI shall depend upon:
• The performance at the test / examination for admission
• Regularity in attendance and work during classes IX and X
• Good character and discipline in previous years

In case of admission on transfer, an authentic transfer certificate is needed. Transfer Certificate from a place outside this district duly countersigned by the competent officer of the Education Department of the concerned state will only be accepted.